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In Avernum, you could buy them at the "stores". But in this game, I only have mild healing and purge venom and can't find anyone to sell them to me. At the start of the game, the mild healing was fine, but the further I go, the less good it does for my characters. Heal me 8, take 15 damage. I have a 5 health circle which should be enough for the regular healing spell.
I'm playing as Romans by the way, if this makes any difference. Thanks
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You need this.

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Very nice! Got my answer, thanks.
One question I still have. I found/learned the spell "stone guardian", but none of characters have the craft circle. Can Romans pick that circle up, or is it for the celts only?
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Rhian, an NPC who can join your party in Vanarium, starts with 4 levels of Craft Circle; you can also get 4 levels of Craft Circle for helping the witches in Hagfen. If you put those 4 levels onto Rhian, she'll have a total of 8, which is enough to cast every Craft Circle spell.

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