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AuthorTopic: help in Burial Glen
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Hello I have a problem in thie Burial Glen:
I am telported in a zone with a box and inside a tablet writen on "Crate,Crate,Barel",and this crate and barel are in the same zone.
what shall i do ?
Thanks for you answer.
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I don't quite remember exactly what you are supposed to do here, but just try different combinations of the 3 objects. There aren't that many things to try.

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See the purple rugs at the west end of the room? Push the crates and barrels around so that the barrel is on the southernmost rug and the crates are on the other two. If the portal doesn't take you somewhere interesting when you step in it after arranging them like that, you probably put them in reverse order by mistake; go back and try again.

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