Creepy Lady Wants Skulls Back

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AuthorTopic: Creepy Lady Wants Skulls Back
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I'm replaying Nethergate for research and nostalgia purposes :P , and came across a creepy lady in a circle of rocks in Eastern Shadowvale who wants me to find two skulls stolen from her by some goblins.

I don't remember ever getting this quest the previous times I played Nethergate, and I certainly don't know where to find said skulls. She gave me the ability to "sense" the skulls' proximity, but could anyone give me some hints as to where to start looking?

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Both the goblins can be found along the eastern side of Shadowvale. One is in a trash pit and, if memory serves, the other is in a pile of rubble right by the river. I think the second one is on the northern shore, but I could be wrong there.

—Alorael, who is sure that followingthe eastern wall of the Vale, with a possible detour to the bridge, will get you to the goblins one way or another.
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I think they're both near Galag-Trav, if that helps any.

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Thanks a bunch — found both goblins and returned the skulls to the lady.
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