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AuthorTopic: Galag-trav
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Can someone please give me a walkthrough for finding the daughter? I;m stuck on the whole basic thing and im still on thje first level. And help will be appreciated. Thanks!!
Oh, and also, are there peircing crystals or something of the sort in the game, and if so, where can I find them? Thanks

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I can't really give you any assistance other than to check the FAQ at the top of this page. It's been three years since I played the game and I'd probably misdirect you.

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you need to get through the top level, (sorry i'm a little hazy on the details) pressing buttons to open the gates, when you go to the bottom level, down the stairs, make sure you have unlock or a lockpick, you will find her there :D

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If i play as the Celts in always go to galag-trav for finding the daughter.
Anyway to complete the side-quest folow this instuctions:
-go N then W go to tho must N door and puch the button.
-when back out the room continue S there scearch the rooms for another button.
-go back N then W to the next section continue W to another section.
-and again search the rooms for a stair.
below galag-trav you need to do this:
-go W till a wall, follow the path S at the end E to a room with a fiew goblin warriors.
-scearch for a gate,open it with the spell OPEN PORTAL and save the daughter.
-go back to the man.

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There are piercing crystals. I played as the Romans so I needed them quite a bit. You may find some lying around, but I can't remember where.
But you can buy. Where? Vanarium, I think. Faerie Bazaar I'm pretty sure.
But my info is a bit hazy.


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