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AuthorTopic: craft, sprit, beast spells
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I havent been able to use any of my craft, spirit, or beast spells that i have learned early on in the game. I'm playing Roman and I'm already in the anwynn part of the game but never have gained the ability to cast those spells. did I miss something??
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Romans cannot train in Beast, Craft, or Spirit skills. By completing a mission somewhere, you can get 4 levels in Beast and 4 levels in Craft, or 8 levels in one and 0 in the other. Romans can never get any points in Spirit, and therefore can never cast any Spirit Circle spells.

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I thought that was how to accomplish that, I did understand that I couldn't train in those circles, but do you know which missions I need to complete to gain this skill??
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You have two main possibilities. One, you can grab the celt NPC for your party. She will help immensely, as she starts off with 4 points in the craft circle. Second, the hags in Hagfen can help you. If you complete their quests, you can read scrolls that give you either 4 points in craft or beast circle, depending on what you want (craft is by far superior, IMHO).

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Thanks for the info on the spells, I just recently started playing these games and have already completed Avernum 3, and now Nethergate. I have also played all the demos in exile and avernum as far as I could go, of course I have yet to finish a game without the help of The "EDITOR" but I really enjoy themm and I so glad there are people out there that like them as much as I. I'm sur I/ll be back soon. Geneforge has been an unusual game and I really hhavent figured out that one, cant seem to get to far on that demo, but once I finish this one I'm sure I'll try to tackle that one again. Thanks Again!!!
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It's a really, really tough choice though. You can either:

1. get the skelie pelts with the crystal key to get key 5

2. kill sleek and use both crystal keys to get spells

Unless you break your oath and kill sleek, I havn't done this.
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WHy didn't you just start with Celts? :mad:

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Originally posted by Liar Of Wisdom:
WHy didn't you just start with Celts? :mad:
Perhaps it's because he wanted to start with the Romans...besides, he didn't know what was coming.
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