Where are the Celt NPCs located?

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AuthorTopic: Where are the Celt NPCs located?
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I think I may have passed Brigid and Numerius already. Where are they?

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They're in the inn in Vanarium, just like the Roman NPC's who join you. To reach Vanarium, go west across the bridge near the Ruined Hall and follow the signs. I think the town is to the northwest.

—Alorael, who thought it was interesting that Brigid, who is supposed to be another Celt, is able to wear armor like a Roman. The Celtic NPC the Romans can pick up is also armor-compatible. Perhaps the more cosmopolitan clans all live to the west?
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It says that both wealthy Celts and Romans wore chainmail, so some Celts must have used it. You can find it on celt warriors too.(after you kill them) I'd pick Bridget personally.
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so would i. the roman doesn't seem to have as much 'use' as the celt you get more spells with the celt

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the celts rul romnas!!!

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Were those typos intentional?
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A simulation of the Ogham alphabet perhaps?
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Nah, I was just playing..


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