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AuthorTopic: nether spells
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what are all the nether spells and were do u get them

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Check Zeviz's site at the top of this board.

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Check out a great source for information on Avernum 2, Nethergate, and Subterra: Zeviz's page.
Finally, there's my Geneforge FAQ, Geneforge 2 FAQ, and
Geneforge 3 FAQ.
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To find out what the spells are, you can look in the help file. To find out where to get them, well, you've got to look in a walkthrough.
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Clouds of Night is in the place where you can buy guardian spirits. Call Hunt is in the north-western part of the Maze of Thorns. When you enter the area where you learn the spell, a spider will ask you a riddle. The answer is obvious: 0.
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Miraculous Revival is in the Burial Glen, Wind Warriors is in the Faerie Bazaar, and Create Elixir is in the Celtic Shrine.

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