How do I get the spell Doom?

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AuthorTopic: How do I get the spell Doom?
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I understand you get it from the Stone Circle, but how do I be able to get it?

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You pray at the big stone alter in the circle. If you have gotten to some point in the game (I can't remember what part that is) The Gods will teach it to you.

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make out with the ugly witch she will give u the rotting pickle and then give it to the cat he will give u ure doom lol joke

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Please leave nonsense to the Xian skull topic. Thank you.

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I think the number of spells you recieve depend on how many quests you´ve performed. After twenty or so quests I get two spells, maybe three, it was sometime ago.
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I think you only need to do the Land-Of-The-Dead-quest. I went there after I did it, and i got Doom(Man I love it!!!)

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