Alien Blade in Exile I

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AuthorTopic: Alien Blade in Exile I
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I can't seem to find this item, despite it being available through the character editor. The rare item hunter in me is getting most confounded...

Anyone know where I should look?
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If it's in the same place in E1 as it is in A1, the Alien Blade is north of the swamps that are north of Erika's Tower. There are four passages that lead north from the cavern with the swamps, and the third (from the left) takes you to the Alien Blade.

—Alorael, who relied on the newly returned Avernum Annotated Maps for this answer. He'll hope that Jeff didn't decide to play fast and loose with geography.
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Thralniing into the cave wall? No wonder I missed it...

Thanks for the help. This will do much nicer than the Heartfinder...
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