Exile 3 resolutions?

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AuthorTopic: Exile 3 resolutions?
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Hey, im new hah, if you can't tell already.

I have been playing Avernum 3, but the game had made me feel reallllly nostalgic. I wanted to go back to my roots. Anyways, I bought Exile 3 and I was wondering if there's a way to make it a bigger resolution, or make it go fullscreen? I love the game so much, but at my new computer's 1024x768, the game is in the middle of the screen, with like 5 inches of background all around it, and if I go for the "smaller window" selection in prefrences, it'll just be some tiny window. Is there a way to make the game sctrech to fullscreen size, OR make the game start in fullscreen (not maximized, but fullscreen) 640x480, or whatever resolution the game would need to make it fullscreen?
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You could always just use the system control panel to lower your screen resolution to 640x480, then switch it back to normal once you're done playing Exile.

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