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does anyone know of a diagram for the runic patterns in the shamanic caverns it tells u what order to press them in but the buttons arent labeled or anything like that it just says press button # and thats all

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Press them in some random order until the gate opens. That's what I did.

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Well, the things they switch don't change; if Glock changes Gop to "off" while Flurk is on, Glock will stil switch off Gop when Flurk is off. That makes it a really simple puzzle.

If you're really having trouble, save before trying it. Then identify which buttons change what. After that, reload. Finally, theorize the order in which you would have to change them. And that's it.

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Personally, I note which ones do what, and then figure it out. By the way, I noticed that one of the words there-"Mung"-is used A LOT in Exile. Mung Slimes (not the plague slimes), Mung Roaches, Mung Rats, Mung Demons-what does "Mung" mean, anyway?

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Generally, it refers to poison.

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Jeff must have had a bad experience with mung beans in the past.

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Mung beans are poisonous if they're not cooked properly. Generally with dry beans you need to soak them overnight in cold water and then boil them (in fresh water) for at least 20 minutes to kill all the poisons!
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