Exile III - Soul Crystal

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AuthorTopic: Exile III - Soul Crystal
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Where in Exile III can you find the soul crystal? Not the crystal souls, but the Soul Crystal. The special item you need to be able to cast "Capture Soul" and "Simaraculum". I've beaten the game many times and I have never found it. Anyone know?

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Koriba, in Ghikra, will give you one if you return a statue the bandits in Upper Exile stole. To find it, head to the Wolf Pit beneath the Bandit Hideout and the Goblin Caves, and then go through a secret passage behind the worgs. You'll find a staircase which leads to the chest containing it.

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I believe it says that in the walkthrough. But if you never read, you must the a good man; you didn't cheat. :)

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Originally written by 1001011001000:

you must the a good man; you didn't cheat.
You must be a good man, don't you mean?

Anyway, Seletine ( I think) is right in stating the location of the soul crystal. You should know where you get Capture Soul and Similcarum or however you spell it(pun not intended). If not, you get them in Ghikra also, but I'm not sure where.

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Seletine is always right. She doesn't answer if she doesn't know!

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Yeah that was correct. I got it. I can't believe I never found that before. I always wondered what the deal was with that statue I stole.

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