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AuthorTopic: Exile 2 shell.dll
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Every time i download a Exile game it cant open the install program and says ERROR:SHELL.DLL not found how do i fix this i really want to play the exile trilogy.
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Did you try re-downloading it?
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Maybe you're missing a system library. If that's the case, do system restore or system recovery. If that's the case.

BtW, should this be in Tech Support?

EDIT: Yep, it's a system DLL for me. If you're really desperate to play your games, run system recovery (though you have to reinstall everything else afterwards).

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It's most likely, though, that your computer is just plain too new to run the early Exiles properly. Sorry. If you're running Windows ME, just give up right now.

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I got a windows ME and i can run any game of spiderweb software! :rolleyes:

Ok, maybe not the most recent version...

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