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What other terrain, besides crumbling and moldy walls, can the spell move mountains break through, if any?
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Judging by BoE, those are the only ones, because they are the only ones marked "Crumbling terrain" in the default terrains in the editor, as far as I can tell. In Avernum, you can get certain rock terrains and stalagmites, too, but I'm not sure about Exile.

EDIT: My information may be a bit inaccurate, seeing as how I haven't actually played much with the Exile engine. I just posted this in the interest of getting a quick response, and someone with more detailed knowledge can come later.

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Again judging by BoE, there could also be some ordinary walls that can crumble. I don't remember any in the Exile series, though.

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You might try stalagmites that block your way.
On occasion, these are affected by the spell and may / may not be identified by green markings.
* I'd assume the green is an indicator of "mold" an as such make them "soft".
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I don't remember any green stalagmites that could be Move Mountained in Exile. As far as I know, only the walls can be destroyed. There might be some regular-looking walls that can destroyed, but unless you wander around casting Shatter, they're probably not all that useful.

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You're probably right; I'm wrong.
The green stalagmites were probably in a BoE scenario.
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Actually, I distinctly remember, in the back way into the Nephilim Fort, west of Fort Ganrick (E2), there is a moldy stalagmite, which you can use move mountains on, behind it is a body with some equipment, if I remember correctly.

Never came across a moldy stalagmite in E3 though.
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FBM is right there-
And in BoE it was very possible.
I thought that I used it in the "remote cavern" in E3 though-

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It's possible. I definitely remember walking through some stalagmites in the Murder Cave and the Remote Cavern, but I can't remember breaking them.

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i don't think you could brake them in the murder cave just walk through them
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