woodsy tower in exile III: how do i finish?

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AuthorTopic: woodsy tower in exile III: how do i finish?
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i can't find a walkthrough for this anywhere. someone must have completed this.

i haven't been able to get into the closed-off portions of the woodsy tower to the north because i don't have dispel barrier. bummer. was there anything good in there? but i've killed everything. i've gone through the throne room and through a secret door to the south to find an outdoor treasure room. but there's a section north of this treasure room and east of the throne room that i can't get to. trees and a sign saying "this is denied you" are blocking me. and i can't go backward through the building cause- oops- quickfire. i feel too stubborn to just leave and let it go. anyone? help?

thanks. :confused:
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Everyone falls into this trap. The truth is that there's nothing in the room except a guardian and a lot of webs, but you can get into it much earlier on through a secret passage. You kill the guardian, rush out the back, and discover your way blocked by the sign, which makes much more sense if you run into it at that stage.

There's nothing particularly special in the top corners, either.


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