Question in the Tower of Shifting Floors

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AuthorTopic: Question in the Tower of Shifting Floors
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All of the comments I've read on what to do once I enter the tower is to go to the nortwest up some stairs. The problem is, I don't see any stairs in the nw, and that may be due to the fact that I'm having a hard time getting through the seven by seven or so squares of conveyor belt. How do I get through it?

And I already saw the portal just to the south, but that only leads me to a chest.

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I certainly remember there being stairs. Have you cast Magic Map?

The thing that slowed me up when navigating the conveyor belts was that I didn't think of pressing pause while standing on one, which is necessary to get to the stairs. Also, it's slightly easier to cross them in combat mode, but then the golems can track you better too, so don't stay in it the whole time.

According to this here walkthrough I've found, the stairs you want should be at (2,3). That's the third tile along from the left, and the fourth one down from the top (very top-left is (0,0).) Good luck!


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Hey thanks a lot. That part about pausing while on the conveyor belt helped me a bunch.
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