Spiderweb Software Update for 1/16/02

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Here is what we're working on at the moment:i. Geneforge for Windows - This currently has most of my attention. This is basically ready to go into beta. It's up, running, and looks great. Should be out by March.ii. Geneforge v1.0.2 for Mac - Genforge for the Mac still has a few bugs. We aren't in too much of a hurry to squash them, but there will be a new patch before too long.iii. Avernum 3 - Chugging along. The world is about 2/3 of the way done now. Still looks good for this Summer. There will be lots of changes in the game engine and graphics.iv. SubTerra v1.0.1 will be out soon, along with bonus levels. Galactic Core v1.0.2 is out.v. Jeff Vogel and Mariann Krizsan v2.0 will be available very soon. The mother really wants to go into labor any moment now, thank you.- Jeff Vogel
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