Spiderweb Software Tenth Anniversary Sale

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Spiderweb Software Tenth Anniversary Sale

Ten years ago, we at Spiderweb Software began our great work. We had nothing but a new computer, a cockroach-infested apartment, lots of coffee, and a dream: to bring the great fantasy rpgs of the eighties back to life. With pretty much the same quality graphics.

Eleven games and tens of thousands of satisfied customers later, we're still in business. The coffee is better, there are no more cockroaches, and we're still putting out fun, cheap games for fantasy gamers.

So come join us in our celebration! For the month of November, all of our products are ten percent off! Explore the alien, completely open-ended epic story of Geneforge, or sample the many free adventures made by the Blades of Avernum community. On the cheap!

And countless thanks to all of the people who have supported us over the years, with your kind words and your hard-earned money. Thanks to you, we hope to keep going strong for ten more years. Or until we totally burn out.

Nice, big demos for all of our games can be found at


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