missing item components in gf4

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AuthorTopic: missing item components in gf4
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I had a great time playing GF4, but I can't make a few of the artifacts because I'm missing a couple items. The Book of Answers says that a Deep Focus Orb is needed to make both the shapemaster boots and the sunstone belt, however I only found one orb in Eliza's Bunker. Similarly, the book says that unmelting ice is needed to make both the sunstone belt and the girdle of succor but there was only one ice in the wrecked labs. Is this a bug or is it deliberate that we have to choose which item to make at the expense of the other?
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It's deliberate, you have to choose which to make. It isn't a very hard decision. Take a look at the recipe thread under Strategy Central for the stats of each artifact and choose which you prefer.

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