Shaping Spawners

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Mr. & Mrs. Nesbit are eating the blancmange!

I want to be the Walmart employee who greets that mobile spawner. "Sure, Mr. or Mrs. Spawner! You can find essence in aisle #7!"

Anyhow... I remember thinking the same thing, when I first played G3, about wanting to be one of those shapers who has their own base or tower or so forth. I wanted to be Khyryk.

But... while the idea of having players able to become super-powerful and then able to create their own bases or towers to be defended against adventurers (new players) or other very-powerful shapers intrigues me... it immediately conjures, for me, either an online scenario with 10 million players wandering around... or a SimCity or Civilization type thing... and the idea immediately sours on me.

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