Do you think that your creations should be able to carry stuff?

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AuthorTopic: Do you think that your creations should be able to carry stuff?
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Oh, never mind, you're Nalyd.
Nalyd is one of those mad cultist serviles.

Well, okay, he's not. But he'd probably be pretty happy if he were. :P


Only if they're mad necromantic cultist serviles. Tattoos rule!

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They pretty much already can...

I mean, the original geneforge annoyed me, because I played a shaper and decided to use spells and batons over melee, only to find that my pathetically low strength meant I couldn't carry any loot at all. It got so frustrating to have to make multiple trips to carry my loot back to town, that in the end I just kinda lost heart.

But in G4, your encumberance is decided solely by the armor and gear you're wearing, and you just have inventory slots for your backpack items. I think it's a much better system, myself.

And how can you be carrying that much on your own? I mean... my girl is carrying 50+ javelins, 25+ pods and powders all sorted and seperated, various crystals, a big bag of coins, weapons and armor, and at various times, assorted furs, bolts of cloth, bars of iron, bags of grain, and other tradeable goods and loot, and you're telling me that she ISN'T making the thahd help with lugging it all around? :P

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