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I have some script editing expirience with changing already existing items like giving them new abilities I found out how to make them give massive bost to skills like +10 or more to something or give it a little raise so I dont spoil the game.Even to learn a spell or shaping true item, so naturally I want to proced even further in script editing by making custom items.

But I dont know how will I when creating them to find them in the game(should I specifiy where in game, will it get to area where I am, will it go to my inventory or there isnt a way to create custom item which would be sad)

Second thing is:How or can I put on unequipable item a stat bost without equiping it like some items in G4?

And could somebody post graphick numbers(which number represents which object)?

Finally can I edit creations so fyora gets a lot stronger when created or any creation.And can I shape serviles and ornks when I mess with scripts?

Appreciate any help

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Custom items are fun to create, but if you do make a custom item you will need to replace an existing item, because the locations of items and enemies, and the terrain maps are hardwired into the game.

Either mess with one of the existing charms, or I think there is something you can put in to make them have the "charm" effect.

Don't know those.

If you make any creations stronger than it originally was than your creations will be stronger, but so will the enemy creations, so I don't think it's worth it unless you are looking for a challenge.

There is an ornk canister in the game, so you can shape them but they unfortunately aren't very good. Other wise you could mess with the graphics and stats to make a thahd or Alpha look and act like ornks or serviles.

Edit: Also if you haven't already you should look at the script editing thread in the helpful links.

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Let's all just shape gazers and hope it goes away.

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