registsation code, pods, and skills

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AuthorTopic: registsation code, pods, and skills
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I posted this earlier but couldnt find it anywhere, plus i have other questions.

i went to register the registration code, and it said it wasnt the right key. Is that only for the purchsed game? it doesnt say anywhere that its stricly for the purchased game.

Does gf4, have essence pods? I have ran dry on it and keep getting killed off.

I have noticed at the bottom of the play screen, it says-- i can buy skills, that i need. Where and how do i do that?
thank you
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If you paid for the game and the code you recieved via e-mail did not work you can simply e-mail Jeff with your name and ask for another one.

Yes there is essence pod's, just like every game.

In some towns there are npc's you can talk to to buy skill's you have to find them yourself, I however just use editors.
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