Yngrid's quest - spoiler?

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AuthorTopic: Yngrid's quest - spoiler?
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I'm on Yngrid's quest to reset the fields in the Eye's Road, and by the time I got to the control panel I'd become so annoyed with the field that I decided to turn the whole thing off and smashed the panel. Then I saved it by accident. Now I'm being scolded by Yngrid for messing things up for her. Is there a way to fix it or redo it, or am I permanently stuck with this uncompleted quest?

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You won't be able to finish the quest properly now. I think the quest gets crossed off your list when you kill her, if you want to do that. (She apparently drops the same reward as you'd get for finishing the quest if you haven't already done the quest, so all you've really missed out on is some experience.)

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