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Hi , i need to know if there is some way , to re-read the text...say when you start in a new map..there is always some speech about the new problem is when i say okay , or when i tal with somoene , it just go too fast and dont have time to read or to take direction . I looked around in option and changed the scrolling to slow...but nothig changed..when i have just go too fast..and cant read it .
Any idea how to solve this problem ? :confused:
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The messages you get while moving around and while talking to people should stay until you click one of the responses or select one by pressing a number. If you're not clicking and not pressing 1 (or something similar) and the messages still disappear very fast, something is wrong. Make sure you don't have a keyboard problem and try reinstalling.

—Alorael, who doesn't think you mean loading screens. Those go very fast but don't really have much information. They're neat, but they're not helpful.
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Thanks i will try it...but if i remember in one of the earlier version , we could push T and then we could re-read the text right ? why did they took it off ? or is it still there but somewhere else on the keyboard ?
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