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AuthorTopic: AP Bug?
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I Just downloaded the Windows version, and my character can attack with any amount of AP left!

Both Greenfang, and my Cryo can to. I still need 3 ap to use an item however, but I can have only 1 and still attack. I thought at first that this was just a change in the game from G3, yet the help menu still says it takes 5 ap to attack. What the Hel?!

O and on a side note, did it change from the other Geneforges that you now get all your essence back when you absorb a creature, because I heve never before, I've always lost a bit, but now I get everything back.

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The AP system has changed. You can now attack with any amount of AP left. It's the help file that's wrong.

You're still not supposed to get full essence back from absorbing a creation as far as I know. Maybe it can happen at random sometimes, but it shouldn't happen all the time.

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Normally when you absorb a creation, you get back half the essence you've invested in it. I'm entirely sure it's the same in G4 as in the rest of the series, unless for some reason it was changed in the Windows version or something.

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