going to kill shaila?

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AuthorTopic: going to kill shaila?
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I'm in the mudpits looking for her when I get attacked by a super Vlish looking thing..the problem is when i heal myself it shows i'm healed on the status bars upper left top but my character isn't really healed so i get hit again and die....is this a bug. i have the windows version?
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A Couple of questions arise.
a) Why should it be a bug, you think, if you die after being hit by a super vlish being?
b) I don't recall any vlish in the mudpits, but that might be just my memory?

Anyway, if you have reason to believe you have encountered an actual bug, you should be mailing Jeff about it.
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How do you know that you aren't being healed even though your health bar seems to refill? Make sure you're refilling your health, not your essence (those pods can be tricky) and that you aren't just taking so much damage that you die from one hit even with full health. Taking damage and getting poisoned right before the end of the round can make you take to big hits in rapid succession, too.

If you have good evidence, send the save file (or folder, rather) to Jeff with a description of the problem so he can debug it.

—Alorael, who also doesn't remember any suspicious vlishes around Shaila.
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There isn't a vlish in that dungeon. (Just to confirm, it looks like a floating potato with 3 tentacles?)

I'd leave the dungeon, save, uninstall, redownload, and reinstall. If you have corrupted game data, this should fix it.

- Jeff Vogel

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Actually, I've had a bug with healing before. Sometimes when I cast healing or status spells outside of combat mode, they don't take effect. It seems to happen more often if I cast a lot of healing or status effect spells in quick succession, if I cast while walking, or if I heal while taking lingering damage from poison or acid.

There's a Thahd in the mudpits; are you sure that's not what you're seeing? They're both big and red.

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I wonder if he is mistaking a new-look pylon for a vlish?

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I've found in Geneforge 3 that sometimes if I'm outside of combat and try to heal while poisoned, the heal gets interrupted by the damage from the poison (or acid).

I've also had it a few times that I've attempted to cast some spell, but combat starts in mid animation so the spell doesn't take affect but I lost the energy required to cast.

If its not either of those, I'm really not sure.
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