A4 dumb question #1

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AuthorTopic: A4 dumb question #1
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How the heck I sell stuff to buyers? I clicked item which I wanna sell but it doesn't disappear from my inventory. Previous A's it was much better and easier.
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take it easy... now go to the store, say that you want to sell something. the item screen will open with little coin under each of your item. to sell your items, click the coin... its kinda easy once you get used to it.
small tips, in the begining of the game, try to collect as much item as you can wich has a decent value, but dont sell your potion. once you arrived at the tower colony, sell all your potion and food.... you wont be needing it anymore.
good luck dude!
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There's a coin icon on below the item that is sellable. Click it.

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