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AuthorTopic: Haggling
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Wasn't there a skill in previous Avernum titles where you could haggle with shop keepers? If I recall correctly, it would allow you to get things for cheaper and sell things for more.

With cash being so tight in A4, I'm really wishing I had this skill.
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Barter. Yes. It went away after A3.

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I'm starting to think that they have lost their flare for making games. The first 2 Avernums were master pieces, the third was ok, I never got into Blades of Avernum but I've noticed a steady dicline quality, in this one they removed to much, its lost the things that made Avernum such a good game.
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Personally, I prefer the gameplay style of A4 (if not the plot). De gustibus non disputandum est.

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Complaints accompany any change. There are people who haven't forgiven Spiderweb for abandoning Exile for Avernum (or Nethergate), people who hate Geneforge, and now A4 gets its doomsayers too.

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