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Ok. I am just moaning, and i know its to late to do anything about it. But dont we prefer the old Avernum style graphics? The Geneforge-based stuff just looks like imitation 3D, and while i cant narrow down what made the classic Avernum stylings so good, they did seem to have alot more charm. Anyway, here goes...

EDIT: I can't spell.

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"Ok. I am just moaning, and i know its to late to do anything about it."

Yes, and yes.

One thing that is pretty much a given in game design: any chance that is not completely trivial will make some people angry. Nothing I can do about that.

I might let this poll remain if you'd been able to refrain from insulting people who prefer the newer graphics in the choices. But ... no, I probably wouldn't have.

- Jeff Vogel

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