Just hit the registration barrier.

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AuthorTopic: Just hit the registration barrier.
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Hope you don't mind me stringing this out for a bit, but some teasers first...

1. Luck matters
2. Don't be stingy
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Sorry for the mild topic resurrection, but since nobody else has, I thought I might as well share what the wishing well does.

You can get spoiler if you have spoiler and spoiler.

(Hold your mouse over the spoilers to read them in your browser's status bar.)

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You can get marklar if you have marklar and marklar.

This marklar brought to you by marklar.

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And if you have spoiler, you can still get spoiler if you spoiler.

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I have, similarly, got to the end of the demo. Other than those that can't be accomplished before registration, I've finished every quest with one exception, and, but for the Testing Skeleton, I've killed every monster (except for the annoying burrowed worms and crawlers, which appear to be infinite in number).

Scavenging rats appear all over the place, especially the locked buildings in the Draco farmlands. They regenerate – just run off to the other side of the area map and come back.

Graymold can be purchased from the Swampwalker for 120 coins. From where can it be stolen?

Also, does anybody know if there's any purpose to getting iron bars back to Monastery other than a warm-and-fuzzy feeling and some extra cash?

Final question – if they can be found in the demo area, where the dickens are the Motrax tablets? I've looked everywhere.

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Look near the Drake in Motrax's caves for his tablets.
I believe you can steal graymold from the healer north of Formello.

And I haven't finished the game, but I very much doubt the iron bars quest grants anything other than warm fuzzies and cash.

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GIFTS—The iron bar quest never goes away, but it is the only one which is perpetual. If you do everything possible in the game, it will be the only quest left glaring accusingly at you from the Quests lists at the end of the game. Apparently, the blacksmith in Fort Monastery has an insatiable appetite for iron. You'd think he was equpping the entire Avernum army or something.

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