Significant spell upgrade bug

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AuthorTopic: Significant spell upgrade bug
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If my characters, either priest or mage, learn a spell from a book on a pedestal and then go to a teaching mage the teaching mage makes them buy the first level of the spell over again. For example my priest learned heal from a pedestal book. he then went to a teaching priest. He was offered the option to learn heal, which he already knew, not improve level with heal. if he bought that first level he could then buy more advanced levels. Interestingly enough the priest is able to use hte heal spell and it shows up in his list of spells.
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That is not a bug.

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This thread explains it.

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It's a tiny bug, or at least confusing, in that it says, "Learn Heal" when you have already learned Heal from a spellbook. What "learn" means technically, is that it is the first time you will have trained in it from a mage or priest whether you have learned it elsewhere or not.

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The spell system is kinda like BoA now, where you're not limited to 3 levels in any specific spell. The only "bug" is just a overlooking of putting "Learn" instead of "improve".
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