I don't like A4

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AuthorTopic: I don't like A4
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It's boring, quite shorter than the other Avernums, it has poor graphics, the no-outdoors system makes the game weird, in some cases is a good thing like in the special encounters but the world now seems so small.

The spells are bad and expensive, the versatile but annoying target offensive spells have been replaced with expensive area spells.
No outdoors mean no rest, who wants to restore at the entrance of a town if you can rest outside the last dungeon(map section, ow

With the die-and-don't-worry thing, where you died and reappeared in a town, jeff have become a necrophilic, he kill us every time he has the chance, because now he has an excuse for that...
remember the homicidal pylons??

The alchemy was very useful, at least for the heroic brews and the energy potions!!!and well it just made the game more realistic!!

Otherwise if we want a so simple game we could just play chess...

No elevation: so bad, just another fail in the no outdoor system, it quites the game a very important and interactive part, and realistic remember??

Like anyone said, i want the old exile spells back...it was funny to had one spell for everything...

Sea monsters??just a sad excuse for saving the time that it would take to design the nav. system and the maps for mighty places like the waterfall warren or the northern islands...

No tower of magi, similar than above...

Where is the orb??

No Vahnatai lands or upper avernum, already decently explained with the game plot, nice one ;)

No monsters, i said that...

And that is what i remember now...

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Thank you for your feedback. Sadly, whenever I change anything, there will be some people who don't like it. Hopefully future games will be more to your liking.

- Jeff Vogel

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