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Ok, this is unlikely for Avernum 5 or Geneforge 4 since Jeff has already got the plot lined up for them. But just imagine:

A group of empire soldiers come across a few very sketchy characters on the shore. When they refuse to answer any of the soldiers' questions, they attack... Only to witness the sudden creation of a very big reptile who kills all but one. Thus we introduce the shapers to the empire. Rather than risking another war, peacefull relations take place and everyone is happy, sending people across the continents.

You can choose to be either an apprentice shaper in Avernum who eventually comes across a plot to build the new Geneforge in Avernum, away from the bossy Shapers, etc.

Or you can be a band of adventurers who succumb to the illusion of fame and fortune; of questing and dragon hunting, only to come across more of the same. Or Something?

I know, this is very unlikely, but it could work, couldn't it?

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No. Been discussed too many times before.

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