What is happening to me?

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What is happening to me?

I came to the realization this afternoon that I DID get my money's worth from Avernum 4. No, I still think the game is boring and I doubt I'll ever play it again, but for a mere $25 I now have the clear conscious to bash this game forever on the company’s own board, AND to get self-righteous and indignant. My god! Its like every trip to the Spiderweb boards are now Christmas!

Am I becoming a crotchety old timer now? Do I now have to begin all my posts with some variation of "In my day, we played Alcritas' scenarios using two rusty spoons and some dirt, and we liked it better that way!” ?

Or “Jeff's best work was the scenario design utility he made with silly putty and a crayon in 1st grade. By God the community pushed that putty to its limit!"?

Or will I be one of those only sort-of old timers who says "Yes, the putty was brilliant, but I still prefer the more modern interface of Blades of Lite Brite."?

I'm going to celebrate my newfound old-timer-ness by reinstalling Blades of Exile and actually trying a scenario. Something I have never done before!

All this fun for only $25 dollars! Man do I feel good!


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No picking flame wars about Avernum 4 please. It makes me sad. Some people like it and some people don't, like every other game I've ever written, better or worse.

- Jeff Vogel

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