To Whom It May Concern:

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AuthorTopic: To Whom It May Concern:
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I hate you, Spiderweb Software. You have single-handedly ruined my entire Christmas. I had big plans too. I have a website to design for my first big client, It's the busy season at the Post Office, as well as several Christmas iPhoto projects I really need to be working on.

Well, I might as well cancel that. Thanks to you.

I had it all planned out, with a release in 2006, right in the dead time before fishing season, and at a lull in work. I would fill that time in with Avernum.

Needless to say, my children are also going to be affected, as the registration fee you taunt me with will detract from their stockings this year.

Just for that, I might not register until like, an hour from now. Take that, Mr. Vogel. I hope you can sleep at night, i'll not be able to.

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Heh, I was expecting an ad, for some reason.

My best advice: Unplug your computer. Leave it as such until after Christmas.

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