Second Adventurer Trial

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AuthorTopic: Second Adventurer Trial
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Someone's probably already asked something like this, but I'm too lazy to spend too much time searching for it. That and I have a painfully evil programming assignment to worry about. Anyway.

I tried the second adventurer trial near Mortrax's cave and I failed. I got some message about the shade not doing enough damage to me or something. Normally I'd assume that my characters aren't of a high enough level, but I'm already in the great cave and am starting to assault Rentar's fort. Oh and I kicked the crap out of the shade. Am I still not damaging it enough or do I need to let it do more damage to me instead of healing my characters constantly? If anyone knows what's going on here I'd appreciate it.
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Um... try casting fewer shielding spells. That ought to let it do more damage.

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Kicking the crap out of the shade makes no difference. Letting it kick the crap out of you does. You can heal the damage, but you have to let it deal the damage first.

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Is the 3rd test the one "X" asks you to perform (with his special lizard egg)??? if not, where is it? I have only done 2.

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The third test is under the eastern cave, north of fort Dranlon. X's quest with the lizard egg is not part of the test serie.
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