ROAR!! I'm trapped!!

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AuthorTopic: ROAR!! I'm trapped!!
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Hi. Does anyone know any way out of the area of the scree caves that is just north of fort emerald, which is entered by way of that bandit fort with all the pylons? I went into the caves and then I guess a day went by and the freaking gates to back to the fort closed, thus trapping me in an area with no exit. at all. There is fort emerald, which is of course blocked off with magical barriers, and then stupid porticuli.
This normally wouldn't bother me but...I have no other saved game except for one a few days ago, as in half the mother loving game ago. :mad:
Any assistance would be appreciated.
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I can't find any other ways out. Pressing Shift-D and entering "backtostart" (without the quotes) will return you to Fort Monastery, which will have to be good enough.

—Alorael, who is sure that won't break the plot or do other messy things.
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I love you for that. It feels kinda like cheating, which I hate, but I don't think there was any other way. I'll make sure to have lots of backup saves from now on.
Thanks a bunch!
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