Is this game nothing but combat?

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AuthorTopic: Is this game nothing but combat?
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Originally written by Slartucker:

The plot -is- extremely slow to get going. From what I've seen so far, I'm cautiously optimistic. I always wished that something more had been done with the Bon-Ihrno Prossis-Bok vs. Rentar-Ihrno Glantris-Bok dichotomy, and it looks like that might happen. After Ex/Av 3, though, my expectations aren't that high.
Well, Bon-Ihrno did die in A3, after all. And quite honestly, the Olgai Council weren't given deep enough characters to return in A4.

EDIT: Okay, let me put it this way. The fact that they weren't ever mentioned in A3 (which was a mistake in itself) makes you wonder if they're even still in power down there. I mean, I could've missed a bit of dialog somewhere, but I don't think any of A2's council is mentioned in A4.

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To be honest, I thought Prossis, Glantris, and Elohi were among the best characterizations in the series, along with maybe Motrax and Solberg. There are few major characters in Ex/Av that are given the chance to show much of their personality beyond their occupation and one or two exaggerated qualities; the Council received many dialog boxes worth of narrated prose, in addition to plenty of regular dialogue, so they had the chance to really develop.

Jeff does a better job than anyone else in the business of incorporating mundania and regular people in the games in interesting ways. Look at the attention given to characters like Elspeth and Nance. But people who are powerful or in charge are almost always blobs devoid of personality, like Micah.

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