Ghall-Ihrno NOT in Guest Quarters???

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AuthorTopic: Ghall-Ihrno NOT in Guest Quarters???
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Hello, sorry if this has been answered--a search didn't turn up an answer. He was not in the guest quarters at the Castle after his "rescue" from Almaria--in fact, I was told he had been killed. Question is, how can that scenario be prevented? Did I perhaps attempt his rescue at too low levels? Thanks :)

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After you release him from his cell, you have to escort him. On your way you are ambushed at least three time by almaria's madmen. If you leave Ghall ihrno alone after talking to him in the cell, he is bound to be killed.
When you reach a gate in the north of almaria's sewer, you get a message saying that Ghall Ihrno manage to pass between the bars (you can't follow him), and should reach the castle safely.
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aha! Thanks, I understand now :) I think he was killed shortly after the first ambush.
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