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AuthorTopic: Irritating L'il Bug
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Noticed this on my second play-through (yes, you people who want to rate Avernum 4 a -5 out of 10, I played it twice).

You know the mission to raid the Darkside Loyalists base near Fort Saffron? The one with all the regenerating pillars? Through that base, there is a exit out into the Scree Pits through two gates. If you take that exit out into the Scree Pits before getting the task to get the vahnatai box from the Scree Pits and opening up the barriers in Fort Emerald, the gate might close behind you and you might end up, barring a cheat code, trapped in the Scree Pits.

But that's not all. Even if you haven't got the vahnatai box mission yet, the vahnatai box is still there. If you go get it, cheat your way out of the Scree Pits, and go to the Castle, you will be relieved in this box in the usual manner despite having not got the mission yet, and things will continue. This has a number of odd effects:

1) You can skip a large chunk of the pre-Starrus Castle quests.

2) Fort Emerald never opens, meaning the only entrance out into the Scree Pits is through the Fort Saffron Darkside base and the only way out is to cheat.

3) Depending on when you get it, there might be other things. For instance, I got the box before Almaria had been opened up, so Almaria remained closed and hostile even after I killed the shade. The vahnatai envoy was said to have died in Almaria.

Very interesting stuff. It's not like, other than Demonslayer, there's anywhere worth going in the Scree Pits anyway, and Almaria can be teleported around 99% of the time. Still.
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This bug has been encountered many, many times. Jeff "fixed" it before by making the barriers in Fort Emerald impossible to dispel, but apparently that just makes it easier to get yourself trapped by going through Fort Saffron.

Another day, another patch?

—Alorael, who feels bad for poor Ghall-Ihrno. Abandoned so many times by adventurers who are conditioned to retrieve everything they see!
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Every few games, I get a situation where several small glitches are crammed in the same area, making me look stupid whenever I fix one because it just reveals the next one.

It was always intended that the Fort Emerald north barriers aren't player-dispellable and that the Scree Caves can only be reached through Fort Emerald. The first part is currently working as intended. The next patch will fix the second.

- Jeff Vogel

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