Black shades and Almaria

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AuthorTopic: Black shades and Almaria
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Is it possible to kill the black shades in Formello, Silvar, and Almaria? Also how do I get past Almaria? I found the smuggler's tunnel and have entered Almaria, but I can't figure out how to exit on the west side.
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To get across the river, you don't even need to go into Almaria. Just go farther north, into an abandoned farm (it might not be abandoned I don't quite remember) and explore that tunnel system. There might be some sort gate in there though. If thats the case, go through the smuggler tunnel, enter Almaria, go counterclockwise(if you want to avoid people that is) around the shade into the ruined building on the opposite corner of the shade's square, and enter the tunnel system there.

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There's a gate in the farmhouse, and yes, you just need to head west past where you end up in Almaria to get back into the tunnels until you can get out north of the city.

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Thanks for the tips. After I posted, I stumbled around in the tunnel some more and found the way out. The game is interesting so far.
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