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AuthorTopic: windowed mode?
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Sorry in advance people, first post and it's probably a clueless one.
Um, is there no way to get this thing to run in a window rather than full screen? Makes it a little tricky to play at work ;)
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I had the same question, but I'm not at my Mac to try this - have you looked at the .plist file to see if that's an option that can be changed by editing the preferences list file?

I miss the Window mode in Blades of Avernum.
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Oddly I see no plist file for A4. BoA and A3 both leave a plist in ~/Library/Preferences but not A4. Hrm!

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There is an 'Avernum 4 Prefs' file, but it is not a plist. Mine contains only two nonsense characters, which makes sense because there are only a half a dozen yes/no type options in the game's preferences window.

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