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AuthorTopic: some questions
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1. Where are the challange locations(i.e. the one near grindstone

2. how do I get past those elite archers in erikas tower(i killed them, but the gate won't open)

3. Where do I use the key that I got from the battlemaster of barga?(sp) He said go west and I did, but i could not find where it needed to go

4. I killed the darkside agent(really close to barga and now annatolia is really pissed, any way to uh... fix that?)

thanks a bunch

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(Major Spoilers)

1. Uh... the ones you've completed always tell you where the next one is. There's the one by Grindstone, one north of Formello, one northeast of Fort Dranlon, one southwest of Almaria, one above the city ruins at the far west of the Great Cave, and one in the Abyss (across the river from Bargha).If you go to one before it's opened, you get a map telling you where to go, so that'll help.

2. Don't worry about that yet. You can't get there from that side of the river. You'll get to that lair near the end of the game.

3. Check around the area where the west wall of Bargha meets the cave wall (outside the northwest corner of the city). You should get a message like "you see footprints in the gravel leading north". Walk up to the wall, and it should reveal the passage.

4. Don't worry about Annatolia. She's not really important to the plot. Heck, I assassinated her in my last game.

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If you want to feel better about killing Annatolia, talk to Crewl for a while. Money makes all pains vanish!

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i'm not gonna start a new thread for this one.

spoilers to come prolly

ok, i'm on the 4th trial (the oe w/golems and little annoying worm things) my question is should i focus on harming the golems(really hard to do) or just kill wave after wave of little worms? (i've been fightin them for about 10 min and its getting really annoying)

edit- ignore the above, i just had to wait it out...(another 10 min)

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