skill level before you get into the Honeycomb

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AuthorTopic: skill level before you get into the Honeycomb
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how high up do you think my guys should be before I wander into the Honeycomb?

I have a tendency to be overly main plot oriented the first time through a game (this is my first party currently) so I ignored the advice of that bridge guy and managed to get the ruins of the tower (though I was only doing a few easy missions in the Honeycomb) before it became apparent that I was highly outgunned in the area. I am currently around level 13 or so across my party (plus or minus) and I am over in that western Fort in the eastern whatever it's called cave. I'm really itching to get rid of this shade thingy and get to the castle but it seems I need to work though just about every city between where I am and there before that can happen.
Any Advice?
(also I have of course been to Ft. Avernum already so the Pylon can move me around which is helpful when I am wondering around in areas with guys that are levels over me.)

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I'm not sure exactly what level I was, but Jeff definitely arranged Avernum 4's challenges in a specific order. It's a very good idea to deal with the problems in the Eastern Gallery, especially the chitrachs below it, before venturing farther south. You get nice rewards, too.

Don't get too worked up about the shades. You won't be able to stop them for quite a while still.

—Alorael, who would say that the requirement is whatever level allows you to get a very important reward from Kelner in the Tower Colony. If you can't complete his quest, you're not ready to move on.
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