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not a clue how this happened, but I can no longer play any of my Spiderweb-Software games except for the Nethergate - Resurrection. Any time I try to open them, i get the following error:

Open Dictionary
Unable to read the dictionary of the application or extension
because it is not scriptable.

I looked at the troubleshooting for Geneforge 3, and cannot find the "DrawSprocketLib" in my extensions folder. i know that i did not intentionally throw it away. I am using OS X.
I have not yet looked at the other games help files, but G3 is the one I want to play right now, so it's what i am focusing on.

I have already tried Uninstalling and reinstalling the games.

What must do to play my games again? Among those not working are: Avernum 3 , 4 and blades, and Geneforges 1-4.

EDIT: of course, I would misread the part where the help file says " If you are not using OS X, the Geneforge 3 installer places the file "DrawSprocketLib" in your extensions folder. " so the absence of the file is fine.

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Check each application's full name using Get Info. If the file extension is absent, or is anything other than .app, change it to .app and see if that helps.

At least, that's my best guess based on Googling your error message and looking at the first few results.

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Figured it out. The default app to open it had changed to script-reader, when it should have been the game itself opening itself. Changed the default back to the game, and I can now play again.
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