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lets say that i had genefroge 2 and 3 and my comp crased and died no way to bring it back... my computer died lets say i buy geneforge 3 then i read that i can get a the game if i tell you that my comp broke ,email adress,etc etc etc i know i will get geneforge 3 but will i get my money back if i already bought it

-edit this isnt about gene 2 i know you will get me my game back it sats it here
GETTING A NEW REGISTRATION KEY Should you switch machines, reinstall your operating system, or in some other way lose your game settings, this game will become unregistered. When this happens, getting a key for a new copy is free. Download a new copy of the game, install it, and E-mail us your new registration code and the name and address you ordered from.

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Email Jeff, and tell him the circumstances of your un-registration, and the new registration codes. He will email you back with the new registration codes. This is true for all of Jeff's games.

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It strikes me as unlikely that Jeff will give you money back for buying the game again, but you should email him and ask. He's less likely to read posts on the forums.

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thank you guys you helped me out and one day ill take your advice
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