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Around about 1-2 years ago I had downloaded the demo of Avernum 3 and bought the code, for the full version. I haven'y played it since then and it somehow got deleted, now I do not have the key, and I also have a newly downloaded demo. I really need help because this game is so addictive!

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Email Jeff about it. From what I've understood, he's very understanding and fair about these sort of things.
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Just so you know, Jeff is on vacation right now so he may nto be able to dig up a new key for you until he gets back.

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Originally written by *i:

Just so you know, Jeff is on vacation right now so he may nto be able to dig up a new key for you until he gets back.
I don't believe jeff actually does all of that stuff himself... I distinctly recall a female voice when re-registered gf1 and some of the avernum games.

I've had to re-register some of my older games as well.. it only took seconds via phone... give them a call today (monday) just make sure that you give them the correct details to confirm who you are.

just my 2c

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Yeah, Jeff and his wife do most of it. While we don't know for a fact that Jeff's vacation includes his wife, I'd be surprised if not.

Linda may still be around, holding the fort and murdering kittens.

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Asking Linda for registration codes strikes me as a bad idea. No, I have no evidence whatsoever to back up such a claim. I just think minimizing contact is a good idea.

—Alorael, who certainly doesn't think sending an email now could hurt. What could Jeff possibly want more after a vacation than an overflowing inbox?
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