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I was playing A4 and noticed (fairly quickly) that the expose active screen corners are still active while I play. I know I could disable these any time I want to play the game, but I was wondering if there was a way to disable these easily when I play?

Edit: This holds true for G3 too, although not for G1 or G2.

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By going to System Preferences. No, there's no easier way.

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Oh well. Ok, thanks.
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The only way to prevent this conflict is by setting Geneforge to take over the entire system. This is possible, but it prevents switching out of the game while playing, which is a greater aggravation.

If Apple gave me a way to turn off Expose while in my game, it would be great, but ... :-(

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Dang, I'm having this same problem in Geneforge 4. Sucks that there isn't any way to hijack the function keys and leave things like alt-tab alone.

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