Avernum V ideas

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AuthorTopic: Avernum V ideas
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Ok this is another topic today. I just got in mind, if Spiderweb would do Avernum V, what they would add into it?I got for example idea, smitheng, that you can smith own weapons if you get enough exm. iron to make a iron short sword, but to get it you dont need to only steal or get from somewhere, you could mine too but iron and other there are few around Avernum so you must find i mine and then get some and make bars by smelting 'em.

Well,just post your ideas here...
(hmm,mayby this kind of topic is somewhere...)

Yes and heres examples what would be:
attribute(like strength)
or something else

and you can do this kind(now a weapon)


yea that kind...

okay enough of talk!
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Hmmmm, I think a good idea would be where your players have an age :D
And like they're stats change as they age. Although they get more experinced as they get older, when they get too old they become weak and disease effects them much more badly.
Who else thinks this would be a good idea?
Personaly i think this would add more realism to the game ;)
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Hmm, not bad but...about the aging...how much is one year then??

Yeah and you mean characters?Im the player not they

and second edit:and the game would come really hard if youre stuck in some place for exm.3 years and when he gets to the final boss, he would be old and die from one shot...well whatever

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Allright heres few ideas...

Orcs are good with strength and endurance but
are bit slow and weak with defense due they
lack on it because they more likely use strong,
heavy weapons like axe and they dont use much
of shield and armor.Mages and priests are more
defensive than offensive.Some people dislike orcs
because there was once battles orcs.

Sword:Angelic sword
Weight:12.0 pounds
Type:Unique,very rare
Description:An enchanted,holy sword used once
by a Paladin leader.It has holiness on its blade
and gets 10+ damage against demons and undead.

Shield:Tower shield
Defense:10-12+1 damage
Weight:15.0 pounds

Armor:Plate legs
Weight:22.0 pounds

Character class:Necromancer
Necromancer has powers to call undead from
graves and can cast undead like magic like
an bone shield that protects from ranged.

Magic type:Necromancer spells
examples:level 1 rise skeleton lvl 1
creates an skeleton or 2 to fight on your side

yeah there they are,my first list.
Make this kinds of ideas,single one or multiple

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Orcs? ORCS? How many times were you dropped on your head as a child, and from what height? The whole point of the Avernum series is that it tries not to be a stereotypical fantasy setting! Jeff Vogel has said that the one golden rule he follows when designing his fantasy settings is "no elves" -- well, guess what, Einstein? That applies to orcs too!

Also, this thread belongs in General, not Tech Support.

You've made a stupid post in the wrong forum and compounded your crime by double-posting. I'd call you a halfwit, but that would be overly generous.

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Fine, what i can know about spiderweb because im not from there??then what youre waiting??Ask can this be locked!
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Orcs are for Warcraft. Sliths, Nephils and Vahnatai are good enough...

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I fail to see how this is a Tech Support topic...off to Avernum IV I think...

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